slogin vs. login, can i open port 22, etc...

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Data slogin vs. login, can i open port 22, etc...

Hello All:

I was just wondering if some genius out there could tell me how to do two things. I think if we get past the first the second is irrelevant, but if we don't then I think the second quesiton comes into play...

I have a computer at my house in Montana running Mac OS 10.2.7. I changed some files up there and I am now back in Arizona and I DESPERATELY need these files. I have tried logging in and I seem to have a problem. When I use the Finder to login I get an error -3260 I think is hte code so I am trying to get in using and the command line....


1. I have tried using the login command in the is this the right way to login? i.e. login and i get an incorrect login

2. Port 22 seems to be closed so I can't use FUGU or use slogin - is there a way to open this port?

3. Is there a way, assuming I can login into the machine without using slogin, to transfer files between the machines? Is there a way to tunnel in using another port number or something?

I really need to get this figured out and anyone that can help me I would be very, very grateful! I appreciate any help you can provide!


ps - both computers are running OS 10.2.7
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Is this the OS X based on darwin BSD? If port 22 is closed on the machine are there any other ports open? like telnet 23. Have you tried sftp or getting some one to open port 22 for you.
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how do i tell?

thanks for the response. I have no one in montana that can open port 22 for me and i will not be heading back up until thanksgiving. how do i tell if port 23 is open? please give exact syntax as i am not exactly a unix expert, but i am defintely working towards that end!

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if you issue

telnet ipaddress_montana_machine

if this prompt you for password, this means port 23 is open.

ipaddress_montana_machine is the ip address of your montana machine
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is port 23 open by default do you know? iboth machines are operating under OS 10.2.7...

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Hammer & Screwdriver

yes port 23 are open by defualt but I tend to disable port 23 because it is insecure.

I use ssh intend which uses port 22, ssh (secure socket hosts) encrypted data and password using rsa or dsa keys while telnet port 23 send data and password in clear text.

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