Limit backup files

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Limit backup files

Hello all,

I am building a shell script. Every morning my shell script will trigger an external system backup script and the backup file (File Name format: "20030929backup.bkp" (i.e)current date + "backup.bkp") will be stored in the backup directory. After successful back, I need to keep only 10 backup files in the backup folder at most. Say on 11th day, day 1 file should be deleted and the 11th day file should be created. What's the best way to do this?

I am using the below command to get the list of backup files from backup directory.
$ find /home/EBI -name "*.bkp" -exec ls {} \;

We need to calculate the calendar days.

I thought of using (-atime +10) but, the thing is this backup script will not run on Sundays. So we miss one day... I guess we may need to count the number of backup files, find the oldest one, delete it and add the current file. What's the simple way to do this?

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Try this:

rm `ls -tr *.bkp | head -1`
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But, how do I count 10 backup files? and if it exceeds 10 then your command will work to delete the oldest file.

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I thought that you wanted to delete the oldest file. At this point I don't know what you want. But I'll take a stab at this anyway...

You can count backup files with:
ls *.bkp | wc -l

And this technique will indeed work if you happen to have 10 backup files.
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Thanks Perderabo. It worked.
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Also, I am trying to send an e-mail notification at the end of this script and I am using

$ /usr/lib/sendmail -v < /home/lognotes.txt

How do I specify the subject field?

Also, Is there a way I can type the message body instead of sending the log file from the command itself. Just simple one line command with "Subject", "To", "message body"

I want to send an e-mail like this:
Subject: Notification
Message Body: Backup Success

Please help,

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You need to use a user agent rather than calling sendmail directly. Or you need to make your script smart enough to actually be a user agent.

You may have user agents named things like elm or mailx. I would use mailx and then the subject is specified with -s.

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