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I did tried mailx first.

$ mailx -s"Notification" < /home/backup_log.log

But, the receiptents are receiving e-mail like this...
This message uses a character set that is not supported by the Internet Service. To view the original message content, open the attached message. If the text doesn't display correctly, save the attachment to disk, and then open it using a viewer that can display the original character set.

and then the content of the file "backup_log.log" is in the attachment to this e-mail. So they have to open the attachment to read the content.

Am I doing anything wrong?
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Originally posted by kjaisan
Am I doing anything wrong?
Does using HP-UX count? Smilie They have to be the only vendor who doesn't realize that the average user would like to send mail in ascii. Now I now why you were avoiding your ua's.

Put the line:
set charset=us-ascii
in $HOME/.mailrc

Or better yet, put it in /usr/share/lib/mailx.rc so it affects all instances of mailx on the box.
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Perderabo, Thanks much for you help. It's working great now.

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