Problems with SCSI card and tape drive

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Old 07-08-2009
Problems with SCSI card and tape drive

Currenty running SCO Openserver 6 at a Dell PowerEdge T300. I recently installed a driver for an Adaptec SCSI card (adpu320). When I connect a tape drive to it and re-start the system,it freezes and displays the following message: "WARNING: adpu320: Command timed out [C10070D0] (ha= 4)" and the system won't continue booting. I turn the server off, disconnect the tape drive and it will boot fine. Any help will be greatly appreciated since I've been trying to set this server up for weeks.
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Old 07-09-2009
Not a question of target addressing issue? (isnt 4 already used?...) or not same type of SCSI (SE-SCSI vs FW or Ultra-SCSI...)
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Old 07-09-2009
Thanks for your reponse. I figure it can't be a SCSI type issue 'cause I have another server running the same card / tape drive configuration. How do I change or check if the target id is assigned to another device??
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