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Old 09-24-2003
Question one time automated ftp session

How can an automated script be setup to run at a later time in the day. cron runs recurring tasks. I am interested in a one time process.

I want to back up a number of files whenever I make changes to an application and ftp for backup purposes. The script to automate the zipping of files has been completed. The next goal is to automate the zip and ftp process after hours (say 0200 the next morning after I run the batch process at 1700 before I leave work), and finally upon completion, remove the local file.

Is the following format for ftp automation process close to the below...
put /backupdir/backupfile -h 123.45.678.90 -u <user>-p <password> -d /remotedir/
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Old 09-24-2003
As with any site, be mindful of the rules, one of which is to use the search function before posting your question. Chances are that someone has already posed your question and that question has most likely already been answered. This is especially true with automated FTP!!

Search method came up with 581 hits on FTP!! Smilie
Hint: Use a Here document to automate your FTP.
Because I gave this to a similar post, I thought I would be fair....

ftp_func () {
ftp -v -n $TO_HOST << ENDFTP
prompt off
hash on

For automating a 1 time job see man at

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