A command in a script not running in Crontab.

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A command in a script not running in Crontab.


I made this script for TRU Unix 5.1 OS based Node.
When the script was run manually all the commands were running properly. But when it was run from Crontab, one command is not running.

This command is not running when the script is running from Crontab:
# /usr/mg2/svi/svicom/svistatjo.x -j 20090702 -f stat_log_temp
(This is a application based command used ti fetch certain statistics of that application depending on the date)

I am using /bin/ksh shell in the script.The crontab I am using is for root user, and the command is also run by root

[ Following are the fixes that I have tried till now, but it has not done any good:

Fix 1:
I tried to find the directory from which the command is executing by the following way:
# cd /usr/mg2/svi/svicom
# which svistatjo.x
Output: /usr/mg2/svi/svicom/svistatjo.x
If the command 'which svistatjo.x' is executed from any other path, no ouput is obtained.
This is the reason the command i gave above was with the full path.

Fix 2:
I used the command this way in the script too, but it is still not runnng through crontab.
#su -c "svistatjo.x -j 20090702 -f stat_log_temp"

Also, Whenever I am running the script from Crontab, an error is coming in mail, something like :
"stty: tcgetattr: Not a typewriter
stty: tcgetattr: Not a typewriter
Not a terminal
Ambiguous output redirect. ", but I am not sure how this error is related to the command.Smilie]

Please suggest modifications so that this command can be run from crontab also.

\\ Thanks in anticipation
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This looks to me like you are using an environment variable within your script - cron does not set up any kind of environment.
Another possibility is that you may not be explicitly referring to ksh in the #! path at the top of your script, cron executes everything in sh.
That warning of an ambiguous redirect is probably the crux of the issue, but your commandline isn't doing any redirection.

Can you try posting your crontab line, and perhaps your script too?
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Thanks for the prompt reply... here is the part of the script(in bold) where the error is occuring.

In crontab entry i have simply given entry like this:
00 2 * * * /path/script_name

if cd /usr/Prepaid/Health-check 2>/dev/null;
 find /usr/Prepaid/Health-check -name "health_*" -mtime +30 -exec rm "{}" ";" 
cd /usr/Prepaid
mkdir Health-check
logd=`date '+%Y%m%d-%H:%M'`
echo "\nAutomated health Check of HP IVR" > /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log

echo "\n\n---------------" >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
echo "SVI Call" >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
echo "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------" >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
date=`TZ=aaa00 date +%Y%m%d`
#cd /usr/mg2/svi/svicom >/dev/null 2>&1
/usr/mg2/svi/svicom/svistatjo.x -j $date -f /usr/Prepaid/log_$date.log >/dev/null 2>&1
cd /usr/Prepaid
echo "Type    Inter   Access  Appli   Called  Calling Diag    CnxT    CnxD    Node" >tempmmtstatjo
tail -5 log_$date.log >> tempmmtstatjo 
st=`wc -l tempmmtstatjo | awk '{print $1}'`
if [ $st -gt 2 ]
echo "The following is list of upto last five calls: " >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
cat tempmmtstatjo >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
tail -1 tempmmtstatjo > tempmmtstatjo1
awk '{print $8}' tempmmtstatjo1 > tempmmtstatjo2
hourc=`awk -F"H" '{print $1}' tempmmtstatjo2`
minc=`awk -F"H" '{print $2}' tempmmtstatjo2`
let timec=$hourc*60+$minc
hourn=`date '+%H'`
minn=`date '+%M'`
let timen=$hourn*60+$minn
let gapt=$timen-$timec
let gaph=`expr $gapt / 60`
let gapm=`expr $gapt % 60`
 if [ $gapt -gt 10 ] && [ $gapt -le 30 ]
 echo "\nMajor Warning: There were no call records in the last $gapt minutes" >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
 elif [ $gapm -gt 30 ] || [ $gaph -gt 0 ] || [ $gapt -gt 30 ]
 echo "\nCritical Warning: There were no call records in the last $gaph hours $gapm minutes" >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
 echo "\nThe last call record is of $gapm minutes ago" >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
echo "Critical Warning:There were no call records found on the server for today. Please check." >> /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log
rm tempmmtstatjo
rm tempmmtstatjo1
rm tempmmtstatjo2
rm log_$date.log

cat /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health_$logd.log > /usr/Prepaid/Health-check/health-check.log

---------- Post updated at 01:29 PM ---------- Previous update was at 11:38 AM ----------

Issue Solved!

Added this line in the script after defining the shell path:

. ${HOME}/.profile


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