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Swapping in VI editor

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Swapping in VI editor


I am attempting to replace several similar words with another word in vi. Here is what I have written for the script:

3dTcat -prefix SuperBrik_4WAY_HRF ../JULY10_2007A/results2TENT/stats.JULY10_2007A+tlrc ../JULY10_2007G/results2TENT/stats.JULY10_2007G+tlrc ../JULY10_2007I/results2TENT/stats.JULY10_2007I+tlrc ../JULY11_2007F/results2TENT/stats.JULY11_2007F+tlrc ../JULY11_2007J/results2TENT/stats.JULY11_2007J+tlrc ../JULY12_2007A/results2TENT/stats.JULY12_2007A+tlrc ../JULY12_2007B/results2TENT/stats.JULY12_2007B+tlrc ../JULY12_2007I/results2TENT/stats.JULY12_2007I+tlrc ../JULY12_2007J/results2TENT/stats.JULY12_2007J+tlrc ../JUNE13_2007A/results2TENT/stats.JUNE13_2007A+tlrc ../JUNE13_2007B/results2TENT/stats.JUNE13_2007B+tlrc ../JUNE13_2007C/results2TENT/stats.JUNE13_2007C+tlrc ../JUNE13_2007E/results2TENT/stats.JUNE13_2007E+tlrc ../JUNE13_2007G/results2TENT/stats.JUNE13_2007G+tlrc ../JUNE13_2007I/results2TENT/stats.JUNE13_2007I+tlrc ../JUNE14_2007D/results2TENT/stats.JUNE14_2007D+tlrc ../JUNE14_2007H/results2TENT/stats.JUNE14_2007H+tlrc ../JUNE15_2007A/results2TENT/stats.JUNE15_2007A+tlrc

What I want to do is replace the "stats.J*+tlrc" with "displayBriks". I am familiar with using the :s/ command to find and replace several identical words, but am unsure of how to do this for a regular expression in vi. Any idea on where to start?

Thank you,

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Perhaps an example would help you. Suppose you have the following text file

and want to use vi to search and replace all instances of 'b', 'c', 'd' and 'e' with 'Q',
you can do with the following command ":%s/[b-e]/Q/g' which results in

Here is an except from a typical vi man page regarding substitute:
    [range] s[ubstitute] [/pattern/replace/] [options] [count] [flags]
    [range] & [options] [count] [flags]
    [range] ~ [options] [count] [flags]
        Make substitutions. In the substitution string, the characters ~ and %
        may have special meanings. If the entire replace pattern is a percent
        sign (%), the previous replacement pattern is used. (This can be
        useful for repeating substitutions that contain back references.) The
        special character ~ inserts the previous replacement string into this
        replacement string.
        The options can be any of the following:

            Ask for confirmation before replacing the text.

            Perform the replacement on all occurrences of the regular
            expression on the line.

            If no regular expression was specified, use the most recent
            regular expression (used for a search) rather than the same
            regular expression as used for the last substitute command.


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