Using sed to substitute between quotes.

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Using sed to substitute between quotes.

I'm using sed to perform a simply search and replace. The typical data is:

<fig><image href="Graphics/BAV.gif" align="left" placement="break"

I need to replace the value in the first set of quotes, keeping the remainder of the line the same. Thus:

<fig><image href="NEW_VALUE" align="left" placement="break"

I've tried the following, and variations, but not quite getting the desired result.

sed -e 's/image href=\".*\"/\""$NEW_VALUE"\"/'

My output indicates that all the line, up to the final quote, is getting substituted:


I'd be grateful for any help.

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Try this:

sed 's/\(.*image href=\)[^ ]*\( .*\)/\1"NEW_VALUE"\2/'

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awk '/href/{$2="href=\"New_value\""}1' file

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Many thanks to you both. Both solutions work for me.


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