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linux xmms sound problems

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Data linux xmms sound problems

Dear all,

I have been using suse linux for as long as I can remember. However, for every installation I get the same problem.

Once the installation is completed, and all of my devices (brand new hardware, from reknown brands) are detected, I decide to start doing some work, and play some music.

However, I use XMMS, and for mosrt things it's quite good.
However very frequently, and with no appararent reason, the sound will change, and the song will end up having a higher pitch, and have a slightly faster tempo.

This could be quite nice for experimenting with sounds, but when you are relaxing to your favorite tune, and all of the suddent, the singer sounds like a 5 year-old, or like a very bad vinyl version, it gets quite frustrating.

I do not have much technical info to give, so please tell me what file I need to read, or provide to help you.

I looked at the .preferences files in my ~/.xmms/ dir, and even forced it not to change (chmod 444),but no can do.

Please help

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Do you experience the same problem using other apps like noatun or kaboodle? Which xmms output plugin are you using? You can find it out by going to preferences and you will find something called like "output plugin".

I have XMMS with an onboard sound card on SuSE 7.3 with no problems.
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I've never had this problem using red hat. But it may be in your sound output module. You may want to install the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture kernel modules on your system. ALSA sound has never given me any problems.

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