Updating a field in a File without creating temp file's

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Old 05-28-2009
Updating a field in a File without creating temp file's

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement where i need to update the below items in file,


For the first time the PREV_status and end time of all job the job will be sysdate & NULL reply as below,

Session_name,Load Type,Frequency,Seesion End time,Prev_Status
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 19:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_mbrs_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 18:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_history_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 17:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_employees_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 19:50:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_jobs_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 11:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_employee_job_hist_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 12:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_x_tmbr_cust_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 10:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_x_team_tmbr_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 11:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_employees_specifics,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 09:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_hierarchy_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 01:30:00,

On successful completion of each job has to update the record's as below reply,

Session_name,Load Type,Frequency,Seesion End time,Prev_Status
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 19:30:00,SUCCEEDED
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_mbrs_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 18:30:00,FAILED
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_history_sales,Full,Daily,28-MAY-2009 17:30:00,
s_d_m_crm_srr_employees_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 19:50:00,SUCCEEDED
s_d_m_crm_srr_jobs_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 11:30:00,SUCCEEDED
s_d_m_crm_srr_employee_job_hist_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 12:30:00,SUCCEEDED
s_d_m_crm_srr_x_tmbr_cust_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 10:30:00,SUCCEEDED
s_d_m_crm_srr_x_team_tmbr_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 11:30:00,SUCCEEDED
s_d_m_crm_srr_employees_specifics,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 09:30:00,SUCCEEDED
s_d_m_crm_srr_team_hierarchy_sales,Full,Daily,29-MAY-2009 01:30:00,SUCCEEDED

Since I am going to run the all the jobs parallely and there is high possiblity of updating the status and END TIME parallely in a file.

It has to update only one record in file without any temporary file to miss the latest updation.

It will be grateful if you could help me out to get sort out my requirement?

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Old 05-30-2009
what have you tried till now??
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Old 05-30-2009
Updating a field in a File without creating temp file's

Hi vidyadhar85,

I tried with below script, but the problem when I schedule this script multple times to run at a same time to update different record in a file it is not working properly,

input_path='/isscrmetl/data001/script test/file_upd'
if [ ! -f "$input_path"/"$list_file" ]
echo "List file not found"

IFS=" "
touch "$input_path"/$2_temp_file
cat "$input_path"/"$list_file" | while read session_name load_type freq end_time prev_stat

if [ "$session_name" = "$sess_name" ]
#end_time=`date +%m%d%Y` date +/%m%d%y.%H%M%S'.
#end_time=`date +%d-%h-%Y %t`
echo "$session_name $load_type $freq $end_time $prev_stat"
echo "$session_name $load_type $freq $end_time $prev_stat" >>"$input_path"/$2_temp_file
#echo "Temp File"
#cat "$input_path"/$2_temp_file
mv "$input_path"/$2_temp_file "$input_path"/"$list_file"

#rm -f "$input_path"/$1_temp_file

exit 0;

Pls. assist me to get this done.

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