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Conversion problem with date field and formatting.

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Old 05-27-2009
Conversion problem with date field and formatting.


My input file contains the record(s) as below with space as FS.

01-01024180 35000 MV010 02/03/09 0306 03060226 03
02-00410330 470000 MV010 02/03/09 0301 03010276 03

1. I need to convert the field 02/03/09 (dd/mm/yy) to yyyymmdd yet retain the Field separator.

Using the modified code below(previous solution by Vgersh99 to Debian):

FS=OFS=" "
# 'LENGTH of the fields'
split("-15 17 5 8 5 15 2", arrL, " ")
# 'TYPE of the fields"
split("s d s d s d s", arrT, " ")

for(i=1; i <= NF; i++) {
format=sprintf("%c%c%d%s%s", PAT_percent, (arrT[i] == "s") ? "-" : "0", arrL
[i], arrT[i], (i<NF) ? OFS : "\n")
printf(format, $i)

I get the output as:
01-01024180 00000000000035000 MV010 00000002 0306 000000003060226 03
02-00410330 00000000000470000 MV010 00000002 0301 000000003010276 03

Yet my intention is to get an output like:

Each record appearing as one single continuous line without field separators.
Would someone kindly guide.Smilie
Much Regards!

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Old 05-27-2009
# t.awk
awk 'BEGIN {OFS="" }{ split($4,arr,"/"); 
                      print $0} ' filename

/home/jmcnama> t.awk  

/home/jmcnama> cat filename
01-01024180 35000 MV010 02/03/09 0306 03060226 03
02-00410330 470000 MV010 02/03/09 0301 03010276 03

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Old 05-28-2009

Kindly assist by analyzing my code below and suggest the changes to achieve the required output.

The input file:
01-010241800000 35000 MV010 02/03/09 0306 03060226 03
02-004103300000 470000 MV010 02/03/09 0301 03010276 03

Then I pass it on to:

awk 'BEGIN {OFS=" " }

{ split($4,arr,"/");
print $0} '

The output comes as:
01-010241800000 35000 MV010 200302 0306 03060226 03
02-004103300000 470000 MV010 200302 0301 03010276 03

sprintf, truncates the 2009 and instead returns a value of 20 for arr[2]. I guess arr[2] should be of length 4 as opposed to it's original length of 2. Would someone kindly help decipher why I am losing the "09" on arr[2]?

Much Regards


Last edited by talk2pawee; 06-02-2009 at 07:39 AM.. Reason: Make the issue much clearer for support analysis.

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