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escape codes

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Old 08-14-2003
Question escape codes

I did a search and found the link for escape codes,- but I am not sure how to modify this script to set the margins.
I started with a script that was already written on my system to set a printer to print landscape. I need to send an report that is in an ascii file to multiple printers from my application. My application allows me to execute scirpts in leu of printing to a device directly...

I am on digital alpha 4.0d (yes I know its old but I cant do anything about it!)

here is my script:
(echo "${INITLJ4}${FONTLJ4}\c"
cat ${CONTROL} | sed -e "s/$//" -e "s/^/ /"
echo "${RESETLJ4}\c") | lp -d$DESTNAME





The report prints too far to the right and needs to be moved to the left. I found the code that I need to put in...
which translates to 033&l#E

But where in the above do I put it? do I put all page control commands on the what is the INIT line?
Is there a good book that explains doing this and if there is a certain order to the parameters? or are they always in the order that you see them in the manual?

Am I clear as mud on what I'm trying to do?

Smilie Smilie
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Old 08-14-2003
The escape sequences are commands. You link them together to form little programs. The order in the book probably has little to do with it.

Very often you have to assemble a program and try it out. If it works, cool. Otherwise, it's back to the drawing board.

I don't know what the other escape sequences do, so I am flying blind. But it looks like the INITLJ4 is setting things up. So I would try putting it as the first thing in that string. If a later escape sequence will undo this effect, then you may need to move it.
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