mailx questions

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mailx questions

I have a few quick questions that I'm sure the experts could answer very quickly:

1. If I specify the from address in a variable it doesn't seem to work. Here is what I'm doing:
mailx -s "SUBJECT" -r "$mailFrom" etc .....

2. I'm including the output from logs in the body of an email and I'm using unix2dos for the txt file. Is there any reason to also use uuencode? I've taken a look at the documentation but I'm not sure I fully understand when it should be used ?

3. How can I include the hostname in the subject of the email ? The following doesn't seem to work:

subject="The hostname is $hostname"
mailx -s "$subject" etc .....

Thanks In Advance
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mailx does easily not support changing "from" - sendmail does
usr/lib/sendmail -t <<EOF 
Subject: I changed From:

Your mail body goes here

uuencode is used to create an "attachment" if you want - search for forums for "uuencode attachment"

hostname is a command
subject="The hostname is `hostname`"
mailx -s "$subject" etc .....

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1. What flavour of Unix id this mailx from (The man page for mailx(1) for Linux does not include a "-r" option)?

2. Uuencode(1) is only necessary for sending binary file attachments (sending an 8-bit file down a 7-bit channel).

3. The following will include the hostname in the Subject
$ mailx -s "SUBJECT `uname -n`"

$ mailx -s "SUBJECT ${HOSTNAME}"

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This is from SunOS.

Actually using -r works fine for mailx to specify the from address.

I was just trying to get the hostname using $hostname but I think I needed $(hostname). Not sure what that syntax means ?

I'm simply attaching .txt to the body of the email so I guess I don't need uuencode.

Thanks for all the answers !!
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mailx -r 'address' under some circumstances changes 'address' by deleting characters.
Thus rendering the address invalid. Or at least not what you entered.

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