Use pipes but miss a action

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Please delete and see other post.

please delete and see other post.


Im using awk to go through every line, but i have to use it twice as the first awk finds all the lines with a number in one field and the pipes it to wc, and the second does the same as the first but it has a extra pipe into sort and uniq that finds all the unique lines.

awk... | wc -l
awk... | sort | uniq | wc-l

the output should be 2 lines, the frist being the numbers of lines that match the text given, and the second the number of unique lines that match the text.

is it possible to shorten this to one line as its not very efficient having to go through the whole file twice.


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yes of course. you can even do it with just 1 instance of awk. show your input file and describe your output
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can we scrap this thread please Smilie, have made a mistake so need slightly different help.


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