Best unix incremental backup utility?

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Best unix incremental backup utility?

Hello everyone.

Could you please advise of what would be the best Unix (Debian 4) program for regular (daily or weekly) incremental backups?

I'm not sure whether the backups will be stored on a "backup" drive on the same system or on an external "backup" system, but we would like to have a regular backup without having to store a full copy of everything each time (thus greatly reducing required space).

Could someone let me know what is the best Unix program for this purpose?

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Free or commercial products?
What about considering dedup appliances?
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Originally Posted by nottrobin
Could someone let me know what is the best Unix program for this purpose?
This is going to be open to a lot of opinion. But it also depends on more detailed information about your environment and needs. It's not clear from your message whether you are talking about a single system that needs backing up or a network of systems. It can also be affected by the type and flow of work, the volume of data, the frequency of data change, and so on. And there are questions about how paranoid you are about losing the data, how much replication of backup you want, how fast you need recoveries to be, whether it should be off site....

If you want to explore and learn, check out Curtis Preston's book "Backup and Recovery" published by O'Reilly -- Backup & Recovery | O'Reilly Media, or the companion web site that takes off from there -- Backup Central - Home.

Depending on your needs, my recommendation might be to look at rsync for simple regular replication of a single directory or machine, backuppc for multiple system deduplication, or Amanda for a general network backup program with a lot of options and flexibility.


BackupPC: Open Source Backup to disk

Amanda Open Source Backup
Main Page - The Open Source Backup Wiki (Amanda, MySQL Backup, BackupPC)
Quick start - The Open Source Backup Wiki (Amanda, MySQL Backup, BackupPC)

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