Alias, function or script (bash) to "revert" cd command?

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Alias, function or script (bash) to "revert" cd command?

In all of my brief and superficial experience with Unix or Linux, the one curious and consistent thing has been that 'cd ./' (back up one directory level) has done absolutely nothing in any of them. Now I understand that, at least for bash, 'cd ./' appears to have been substituted by 'cd ..'

Am I just shell out of luck, or is there a way to "revert" bash to using or recognizing 'cd ./' in place of 'cd ..' ?

The methods I've tried are the following:
(1) alias
(2) function
(both inside a .bash_aliases file called from my .bashrc file.).

I'd try a discrete script, but as it happens I'm using Cygwin/X, which is hit-or-miss with them at best. I suppose because it's bash that this post pertains to, the same solution would apply in Konsole on my Wubi Kubuntu KDE4 install.

I hope I stated the problem clearly enough.

# 2  
. ( one dot) represents the current directory
..( 2 dots) represent the parent directory.

so when you do a
 cd ./

( nothing will happen in fact), you need to do a
cd ../

do a
ls -la

and you will see these two special direcotries.

Devaraj Takhellambam

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