Executing Oracle Stored Procs from Korn Shell

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Old 08-05-2003
Network Executing Oracle Stored Procs from Korn Shell

Can someone tell me how to execute an Oracle Stored Procedure from a Korn Shell Script.

Previously, I'm able to execute standard sql using the following:-

The_Output=`sqlplus................. << EOF
select count(*) from abc

Can I use sqlplus for the Stored Proc ?

Do I need to EXEC the Stored Proc ?

Any help much appreciated with this one !

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Old 08-05-2003
You dont need the back quotes and Yes you can use sqlplus to execute the stored procedure. Use a "here" document to execute your statement. You can embed both SQL and PL/SQL in the block. Here is a <<Link>> to a thread that may be of some benefit to you.

the '-s' option puts sqlplus in silent mode


#call package here
#write your SQL and place the block
#inside here. Anything you put in here must
#be valid SQL syntax. Also, for your benefit,
#if you put PL/SQL in here, make sure that
#your DECLARE and END; are not indented
#or spaced in any way. They must be on
#the left margin.


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Old 08-05-2003
you could EXEC the Stored Proc like this
sqlplus user/userpwd < /yourhomedirectory/your.sql
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Old 08-06-2003
Further, you also do the following to execute your standard SQL statement.

sqlplus user/userpwd @/yourhomedirectory/your.sql
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