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echo $ problem

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Old 05-05-2009
echo $ problem


I am using tcsh.

I want display in a file_1 like this.


I gave in a termianl
> echo "\$VARIBALE" > file_1

Its not workning.
It was giving VARIBALE: Undefined variable.

I gave \ before $, but why it was giving undefined varible?

Please help me.

Thanks in advance

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Old 05-05-2009
Use single quote

echo '$VARIABLE'

Devaraj Takhellambam
# 3  
Old 05-05-2009
echo $$variable problem

I see a similar problem.
> set home_var MYHOME
> eval echo 'set path \($$home_var/bin \$path\)' > ~/hi.txt

The hi.txt has
set path (7030home_var/bin $path)

I need
set path ($MYHOME/bin $path)

Please help

Thank you
# 4  
Old 05-05-2009
use this:

 eval echo 'set path \(\$$home_var/bin \$path\)'

Devaraj Takhellambam
# 5  
Old 05-05-2009
Hi Devaraj,
It works.
Thank you for ur quick reply.

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