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nis plus on linux redhat

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Old 08-07-2003
You have not posted what is in the nis map for auto_home - and your nsswitch.conf is looking at files first for automount. Automount is going to look into /etc/auto.master first where you have /home as /etc/auto.home so nis is never going to be looked at since you have already piped nis into your local /etc/auto.home.

You have to get rid of /etc/auto.home (rename it), point your /etc/auto.master to use the nis map.
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Old 08-07-2003

my auto_home.org_dir

larry sunone:/export/home1/larry

I understand that my nsswitch.conf file points to the system /etc/auto.home first then nisplus. To my understanding if the /etc/auto.home file doe not have what I'm trying to mount it will look to the nisplus tables. That is what the nsswitch.conf supposed to do.

I have also tried to just have the nsswitch.conf file point to just nisplus, have auto.master point to nisplus map and remove /etc/auto.home file. But nothing.
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Old 08-08-2003

Seems like hoghunter was stating that since your /etc/auto.home already contained the information from nis+, automount would never bother to try nis+ since it found the correct entry.

Can you/have you tried to mount via command line any of the home directories? Does the NIS server share the home directories out to any other servers and is it working?
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Old 08-11-2003
RTM, thehoghunter,

Thanks for your input. But I have remove all entries in the /etc/auto.home and made /etc/auto.master look at

automount: nisplus auto_home

This does not work. I have also tried to put nothing in the /etc/auto.home and have the /etc/nsswitch.conf look at the file then the nisplus file:

automount: files nisplus [NOTFOUND=return]

This does not work. But I did look at the autofs file. I think I will have to change it so that in knows about nisplus. THANKS

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