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How to compress files without extension

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How to compress files without extension

Could someone please help?

I'm trying to compress all the files in a directory without extension. I know for typical files with extension, the command is something like:

tar -zcvf file.tar.gz *.doc

What is the command for files without extension? Thanks.
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Whats wrong with just * (or ./* )?
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/usr/bin/ls [dir]/*.* > [file]

use the X option for the exclude file in your tar command and include that file.
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tar command is used only to archive files.

tar -cf arc.tar aa bb

use gzip like this to compress a directory tree.

gzip -r dir1 will compress all files in dir1

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[quote=indushenoi;302325192]tar command is used only to archive files.

tar -cf arc.tar aa bb

use gzip like this to compress a directory tree.

gzip -r dir1 will compress all files in dir1
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Im sorry I misunderstood your question...

I suppose this is more what you were looking for:
ls | egrep -ve '(\.)'|tar -zcvf file.tar.gz -


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