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how to get rid of ==>

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Old 04-17-2009
how to get rid of ==>

ok the assignment question:
That English paper you were writing on the works of Lewis Carroll is due in a few hours and you have forgeotten the name of the text file in which you has written a number of quotations to use in your paper. Luckily, you know that the file is somewhere in your ~/UnixCourse directory or in some subdirectory directly or indeirently within it. You also know that the file name ended in '.txt'. You are pretty sure that you could recognize the file from just the first line.
You seem to recall having heard that there is a Unix command head that will print the first few lines of any file and suspect that, with the proper parameters, it could be used to print just the first line. (Hint - part of your task in this question is to show that you can use the built-in Unix help facilities.)

find command problems

But you really don't want to type that command out for every file or even every directory. What command would you give to produce a listing of the names of all the text files in ~/UnixCourse or its subdirectories (possibly nested several layers deep) followed immediately by the first line of text within that file? E.g., to produce a listing looking like this:
When in the course of human development
Curiouser and curiouser!

finding a file and the first line of the text

Note that the output format must look like the example above. (That's not unreasonable, as one of the things you should have learned from this lesson is that the output of one command is often fed into later commands, which must be able to read it.) In particular, solutions that add extreneous characters around the file name (e.g., << or ==>) are not correct.

I was able to come up with :
find /home/yournameUnixCourse/ -name "*.txt" -exec head -n1 -v {} \;

Unfortunitly , this is bring up the ==> that is noted above that is incorrect.
How do i get rid of the ==> ? or is there another command that might work?

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Old 04-17-2009
posting homework is against the rules. Thread closed.

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