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How to create/restrict a user with to have no privilege from other group

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Data How to create/restrict a user with to have no privilege from other group

Hello experts I am new to Unix.

Env : HPUX
I need to create a user say testuser such that it does not have access to file/directories from the other group i.e the last 3 digits .

How do I do that.

Reason for such a request :-

I have an existing user oracle which has default umask as 022 so by default all its Directories have rwx r_x r_x.

Now I dont want testuser to have read or execute permission on any oracle user directories/files.

I cannot change the oracle user setup umask or its directory permissions.

So I thought something could be done to testuser so that I can restrict the other group privilege from testuser ( which oracle user gives by default to other)

Any suggestions ?
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I have no idea about hpux - on AIX I would solve such a problem by putting extended permissions that forbit access for a particular group eg noaccess onto the directories I do not want my testuser to access and put the testuser into that group - of course it requires a dedicated filesystem structure where eg everything thats owned by oracle is eg under /ora01 or similar

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Access control lists

Take a look at Access Control Lists - 'setfacl'. This does what zxmaus has suggested by putting extended permissions on files/directories.
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Thanx everyone for you help
I found this on the web

How to use this to make the group to which testuser belongs , unable to get other group privilege ?

I could not understand much Sorry I am new to Unix

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