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Question counting files

Which one line command can count and print to the screen the number of files containing "a" or "A" in their name
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Is this a homework question?
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Kristy sounds like one to me! Smilie

Edy there are many many ways of doing this...look into the piping the ls command into grep and then a sorting for the amount using wc - this is a very simple way of doing this and should set you out on the right path.

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Looks like a home ..........

ls |awk '{print$1}'|grep [a,A]|wc -l

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Originally posted by reddyb
Looks like a home ..........

ls |awk '{print$1}'|grep [a,A]|wc -l

ls |grep [a,A]|wc -l

the ls -l would not be needed and if you did the ls -l then the awk for the 1st field you would get the directory perms. if you insisted on using the ls -l tho you would need to awk for field 9 which would be the filename.

and deffinetly sounds like a hw question.

reddyb: did you edit the post or something the first time i looked at it i swear it said ls -l. if not my bad. but the awk is still not needed.
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Yes, You are right, I did edit it.
I want to make it generic so that you can grep on any column you want!


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