CDE - Icon positions when ICONISING

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CDE - Icon positions when ICONISING

Stupid question I know, but.
I have a lot of users that have an application open, which covers the upper left corner of the screen. Because this app has a number of windows that can be open at once. I have been asked to enable the excess windows to iconise down the right hand side of the screen

so that when they need to activate the requiered window they can just double click it to activate it. With out having to minimise all windows to view the iconised(minimised) windows. It seems that the default iconisation(minimising) is to the upper left corner of the screen. Our app standard is to activate in hte upper left hand corner of the screen.

I do not know if this can be configured or not, but you dont now until you try.
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Okay, after reading through multiple man pages, looking for anything remotely suggesting you could do this, I came across something I didn't know even existed before. It's an Icon Box.

It's it's own little window that you can resize down, has a scroll bar, can be moved over to the right bottom, middle, where ever you want it. When you minimze a window, instead of dumping an icon in the left hand corner, the window disappears. Because you can see all the icons for each window all the the special Icon Box.

You don't mention what OS you are using - I was looking on Solaris - so you may have to do some of your own investigating.
You need to open the Window Style Manager (from the Style Manager Bar or Application Manager - Desktop Controls (it matters which version of Solaris on how you get to it). In the Style Manager - Window, there is a Window Icons - two choices:
Use Icon Box
Place on Workspace.

Pick the Icon Box and your troubles SHOULD be over. If not, then do like I did...start reading man pages. A good start is :

man dtterm
man DtTerm
man XtGetValues
man twm

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