connection doesn't work anymore

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connection doesn't work anymore


first of all, I want to make myself clear about my language. I'm brazilian, so I ask you all to understand if i commit any mistake with the grammar.

Here is the problem.

Some days ago I needed to use a "sh" command in the Terminal (I use a Mac OSX 10.5.6) followed by a file containing the following text:

if [ "$(grep -o /etc/hosts)" = "" ];
then exit 0
echo "" >> /etc/hosts
exit 0

I executed this, reeboted my computer imediately after this execution and everything worked well since then, even to User or Admin (or root, as you prefer). But crazily, a couple of days after this execution, my Mac rebooted automaticaly and the User account could not access the internet anymore.Smilie
I mean: The Admin acount still works properly, but the User account, when the user is required to make any kind of login (e.g. enter in a e-mail, log in MSN, log in Gmail), the connection fails and, says that I should ask for some help. =P
I read all kinds of information and it seems so difficult for me, once I'm not a programmer or anything like that.

Please, could you show me how to solve this problem?
Really thank you all in advance,


P.S. 1: the "blablabla" in the command text is just a example of url, because the real one doesn't matches here in the context.
P.S. 2: can anyone explain me what "sh", "grep -o" and "echo" mean/do? I mean, in a easy way which I can understand.
P.S. 3: is this problem/thing "undoable"?

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roar_stream_exec(3)					System Manager's Manual: RoarAudio				       roar_stream_exec(3)

roar_stream_exec - Set a stream as master stream of a client SYNOPSIS
#include <roaraudio.h> int roar_stream_exec(struct roar_connection * con, struct roar_stream * s); DESCRIPTION
This sets a stream to be the master stream of a client. A master stream is a stream send via the client's controll channel. If a master stream is closed the client and all it's streams are closed. Setting a master stream can not be undone nor can any controll commands be send anymore. This is used mainly for opening a connection for just playback without need to change things later like roar_simple_play(3) does it. PARAMETERS
con The connection to the server. s The stream to be set as master stream. RETURN VALUE
On success these calls return 0. On error, -1 is returned. EXAMPLES
roar_simple_play(3), libroar(7), RoarAudio(7). RoarAudio May 2011 roar_stream_exec(3)

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