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backup disk to disk to tape question

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Old 03-31-2009
backup disk to disk to tape question

Hi all

I had started to learn how to backup disk to disk to tape method
Firstly I had backup to my NAS
tar czvf /MyNetworkStorge/backup.tar /home

Secondly I using dd command to copy the tar to tape
dd if=/MyNetworkStorge/backup.tar of=/dev/tape0

But the tape drive always hang.
Is that any command to copy the tar file to tape without problem or
did i do anything wrong?

thanks in adv
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Old 03-31-2009
Hint: tar is the abbreviation of "Tape ARchiver"
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Old 03-31-2009
thank for quick reply

that mean i need to issue two tar command
first tar to NAS
second tar to tape

tar cvzf /dev/tape0 /home


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Old 03-31-2009
maybe i slow
I using this command to solve the problem
tar czvf /MyNetworkStorage/backup.tar /home | tar cvf /dev/tape0 /home

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Old 03-31-2009
Originally Posted by lijiajin
I using this command to solve the problem
tar czvf /MyNetworkStorage/backup.tar /home | tar cvf /dev/tape0 /home

which uses an completely unnecessary pipe. Just start whichever tar takes the longest first, then the other, eg:
# tar option 'z' means compress with gzip and the suffix .gz is commonly added
# to reflect that
$ nohup tar cvzf /MyNetworkStorage/backup.tar.gz /home &
$ tar cvf /dev/tape0 /home

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Old 03-31-2009
thankyou sir.


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