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add user from web

I am trying to figure out how to add a user from the web (w/ PHP or PERL): is it possible?
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Of course its possible! You can do it with cgi in perl, shell or php with a simple html form.

I would not reccommend doing it since you can compromise the security of your system if you dont know what you are doing.
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In PHP, you would:

make a form that sends the username and password... via POST, of course.


exec("adduser -u $HTTP_POST_VARS[user] -p $HTTP_POST_VARS[password]", $results);


of course, it would be a good idea to use escapeshellcmd() (I forget the exact spelling, sorry - it's early and I haven't had any coffee), because a naughty user might semi-colon off your adduser command Smilie

Of course, the options for adduser vary per system... play with them and figure out what works!

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