vi down arrow key not working

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Old 06-27-2003
vi down arrow key not working

i am using windows nt hummingbird 7.0 host explorer telnet emulation. I have two connections to two different unix machines.
on one, the down arrow works fine in vi (it woks like the j option
on the other it looks like it is giving me a new line above
(like option O) and inserting a letter "B";
Both sessions yield "term=vt220" when i issue the :se command.
Both yield "vt220" when i echo $TERM outside of vi.
The first one is a HP-UX machine and the second one is a SunOs
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Old 06-27-2003
When in insert mode in vi, you can't use the up and down arrows or you will get exactly what you mentioned. You have to hit the Esc key, and then use the arrows.

Opps, never mind - I see what you mean. HP is does allow you to move around.

Checked on Sunsolve - it's been this way for a very long time - and from reading the following from Sunsolve, I doubt they are going to change it.

Customer complaint
The arrow keys do not function correctly while in type-over mode (type-over
is entered by typing a capital R). If an arrow key is pressed while in
type-over mode vi will exit type-over mode, returning to command mode.

They are concerned that their user's (who are not experienced
computer users) will press an arrow key while in type-over mode, continue
typing, and the keys typed will be interpeted by the vi command interpeter,
allowing for the possible descruction of data. Example:

- The user enters type-over mode by typing a R.
- The user types a string of characters then presses an arrow key.
- The user does not realize that they are no longer in type-over mode
and continues to type.
- If the user types something such as "dd" they will delete the line
that the cursor is on.
- Since the users are not experienced computer users (they are
data entry operators) they may not realize what has occured
and will continue editing the data, then save the file, thus
corrupting the data file.
Work Around
Non-experienced users should use "vedit", a front end to vi that provides the
user with the mode in the lower portion of the screen.

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Old 06-27-2003
Another interesting behavior -

Customer complaint
GNOME Terminal SOLARIS: Arrow keys broken when using INSERT mode in vi.

To Reproduce:
1] Open Gnome-terminal, vi file1 .
2] Press i to set insert mode & type .e.g. gnome.
3] Press arrow keys, the letters A/B/C/D are inserted onto a new line in the
file and user cannot position cursor using these keys.

This is not the behaviour of vi in gnome-terminal on Linux or in dtterm on
either cde or gnome on Solaris, it appears to be specific to gnome-terminal on
So if you use dtterm, you can get that function - but only if your TERM variable is set to dtterm.

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