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Old 03-23-2009
string comparison

Hi Guys

i need to write a script to check the file structure

I have added the the file headers in the configuration file and execute the file at the start of the script.

Now the function

	echo "Inside the function"
	if [[ "$filetocheck" == "Asset_Class" && "$fileheader" != "$HEADER_ASSET" ]] 
		echo "For Asset"
		export Status=22
		return $Status

	elif [[ "$filetocheck" == "Currency" && "$fileheader" != "$HEADER_CURRENCY" ]]
		echo "For Currency"
		export Status=22
		return $Status

	elif [[ "$filetocheck" == "Expense" && "$fileheader" != "$HEADER_EXPENSE" ]]
		echo "For Expense"
		export Status=22
		return $Status

	elif ][ "$filetocheck" == "Geography" && "$fileheader" != "$HEADER_GEOGRAPHY" ]]
		echo "For Geo"
		export Status=22
		return $Status
	elif [ "$filetocheck" == "Instrument" && "$fileheader" != "$HEADER_INSTRUMENT" ]]
		echo "For Inst"
		export Status=22
		return $Status
               	export Status=0
		return $Status

checks the filename and the headers and returns 22 in case does not match and 0 in case it matches.

all the file headers are tab separated string with some spel characters

the && operatos is not working. everytime it goes into the if & elif statements not into the else statement

How to solve the problem.

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Old 03-23-2009
Are you writing the code in bash?? if not use single "[" instead of "[["
use -o fro or and -a for and operation
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