script to ask the user to select a number

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script to ask the user to select a number

hi all,

I have 4 scripts which i would need to run

I would like write a script which would ask the user to select a number from 1-4 accordingly and run only that script for him/her

I succeeded till reading the user input but not sure how to run that specific file ( lets say if user puts 2, then i need to run ./

echo " Please enter any one of the following values and press Enter"
echo "1 for BP"
echo "2 for DB"
echo "3 for LK"
echo "4 for TB"
echo "Enter value:"
read mInputValue
if ( $minputvalue = 1)

Thanks in advance...
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Search for menu script.

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If your shell supports the select construct:

PS3='choose a script: '

select s in *sh; do

# 4  
cannot execute the input script

1) *sh
choose a script: bp
all_scrt[4]: ./: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.

bp is having 777 permissions to execute
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Could you post the entire script? I'm wondering why the shell does not perform globbing on the *.
You should choose the number 1, 2 and so on:

% head *sh
==> <==
echo $0

==> <==
echo $0

==> <==
echo $0

==> <==
echo $0
% cat s
#! /bin/sh

PS3='choose a script: '

select s in *sh; do

% ./s
choose a script: 1

You could also change the code like this:

#! /bin/sh

PS3='choose a script: '

select s in *sh; do
  [ -e "$s" ] && ./"$s"

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it worx ...thnk you

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