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Absolute Beginner Questions

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Old 03-08-2009
Absolute Beginner Questions

... before you role your eyes, I picked up my first Unix book 3 days ago! As such, I have a few quick questions that I'm sure are super easy for everyone out there but me! Forgive me if the terminology I use is wrong ...

I'm accessing a remote Unix server, I can make my way around directories just fine ...

Q1> how do i save a file on the remote server to my (local) computer? or can i even do that?

Q1b> how do i send a file from my desktop to the remote server?

Q2> how do i view remote .pdf files?

Q3> how do i view remote .vm files?

Q4> how do i print remote files on my local printer?

Thanks so much for any help ...

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Old 03-08-2009
I assume that you're using a standard Windows PC to access the Unix server. The easiest way to access Unix from a Windows machine is to install and configure SAMBA on the Unix server and create shares that can then be added as mapped network drives on the PC. Once you've done that, everything on the Unix machine appears as it would on a PC drive, and you can print, view and drag/drop across the network.
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Old 03-09-2009
Or if you guys don't have Samba installed yet, you could maybe ftp or sftp to/from the Unix box. I use a program called WinSCP3 at my work for that. You could maybe look that up.

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