compare update time of files

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compare update time of files


does anyone know of a way to compare files update time (not only days - also hours and minutes) (command? scripts? perl scripts?)

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From whcih time you want to compare the update time?
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i want to compare it to the current time.
i want to get the differnce in minutes.
Example -
if a file was last updated 2 hours ago i want to get back 120.
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you can use

ls -l yeh.log|sed "s/ */ /g"|cut -d" " -f6-8

to get the Update time of file

# 5  
but is there a way to compare it??
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A dirty perl script, not knowing if this is what you want:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$f1 = $ARGV[0];
$f2 = $ARGV[1];

print abs((stat($f1))[9] - (stat($f2))[9])/60, "\n";

Pass the two filenames as params
# 7  
i get strange results from that perl script.
when i run it on 2 files created with 1 hour different i get the result - 6681

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