User ID syntax to FTP to Windows

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User ID syntax to FTP to Windows


I have searched the forums and may not be putting in the right keywords, but hopefully someone will be kind enough to help...

It's been awhile since I've ftp'd to a Windows server, but no matter how I try to connect, it will not let me, although I have no issues setting up a connection for the same ID in FTP-Pro and connecting.

On the command line, I am trying the following:


when it prompts me for the user name I have tried:


and every variable in between - single quotes, even back slashes or back quotes (which don't work either of course). It *does* accept the user, but when I put in the password, at that point it simply says login failed. I use this ID every day on other servers, so I know the password is correct, and the ID is set up on the UNIX servers, but I can tell through FTP-pro that it's a windows FTP server because the ID there is set up as "ms/username".

I have also tried:

ftp -niv

and it doesn't ask me right away for the user and password, but when I go to change directories, then it says "530 Please login with USER and PASS."

How can I successfully log-in?

When I have scripted connections like this elsewhere in the past, I always scripted it as:

ftp -niv
ftp -nv ${FTPHOST} << ENDFTP >> ${TMPLOG} 2>&1
get ${FILE}


ftp -niv
ftp -nv ${FTPHOST} << ENDFTP >> ${TMPLOG} 2>&1
quote user ${FTPUSER}
quote pass ${FTPPASS}
get ${FILE}

None of this is working for me though, no matter what I try...

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!
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Maybe the Windows server is not set up to permit FTP access?

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