Grep alternative to handle large numbers of files

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Grep alternative to handle large numbers of files

I am looking for a file with 'MCR0000000716214' in it. I tried the following command:

grep MCR0000000716214 *

The problem is that the folder I am searching in has over 87000 files and I am getting the following:

bash: /bin/grep: Arg list too long

Is there any command I can use that can handle the large number of files?
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what is 'folder'?
look into 'man find' and 'man xargs'

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find . -name MCR0000000716214
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Originally Posted by taran
find . -name MCR0000000716214

Does this not just look for a file with that name in it?
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Originally Posted by vgersh99
what is 'folder'?
Apologies I meant directory.
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if he means looking for this string in a huge number of files....

then this'll work:

find . -type f -exec grep MCR0000000716214 {} \; -print

if he means finding a file with that string in the file name itself...

/bin/ls *MCR0000000716214*

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however, if he doesn't want to do a recursive directory search . . .
he might try:

/bin/ls |
while read file ; do

  grep MCR0000000716214 $file /dev/null



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