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Threads v/s Connections

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Old 04-23-2003
Lightbulb Threads v/s Connections

Can someone please explain the difference between a connection and a thread. Any explanation will help!

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Old 04-23-2003
from a quick google search.....
All programmers are familiar with writing sequential programs. You've probably written a program that displays "Hello World!" or sorts a list of names or computes a list of prime numbers. These are sequential programs. That is, each has a beginning, an execution sequence, and an end. At any given time during the runtime of the program, there is a single point of execution.
A thread is similar to the sequential programs described previously. A single thread also has a beginning, a sequence, and an end and at any given time during the runtime of the thread, there is a single point of execution. However, a thread itself is not a program; it cannot run on its own. Rather, it runs within a program. There is nothing new in the concept of a single thread. The real hoopla surrounding threads is not about a single sequential thread. Rather, it's about the use of multiple threads in a single program, running at the same time and performing different tasks.

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What do you mean when you ask about a connection? There can be many differant interpretations for example: connection to a host (IP Address + Port = Socket) or connection to a database (Oracle, MySQL, Sybase).
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Old 04-23-2003
As far as I know there are two kinds of Threads in Java
and if there are more I hope someone would let me know.

There is a runnable Thread. An example would be an applet
thread painting itself in a given time frame to create motion.

The other is a synchronized thread. An example would be
an ATM machine at a bank where only one transaction
may occur on a givin account.

For shell and scripting languages I do not know. In Perl you
would probably use file locking. Can somone verfiy this?

The connection I believe you are talking about is a
connection pool to a database. A basic example of
this would be an array from 1..100 of connections
set up already. The advantage of this is eliminating
the time to setup a connection., since this is a long

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Old 04-23-2003
Bug Thread

Thank you very much guys for the info. This helped a lot. Yes I am talking about the connection to a host for example connection to a database server or even ldap server.

Thanks again.

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