Problem with extract PDFs from huge files.

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Old 04-21-2020
Problem with extract PDFs from huge files.

Hello Unix experts,

we have a problem Smilie
We have some binary files ~25GB. In this files are many (millions) PDF files included.
How we can extract them from such huge files? In small files I got it with the command:
awk -v FS="(%PDF-1.4|%%EOF)" '{print $2}' FILE > OUTPUTDIR

so the PDF file begins with PDF-1.? and ends with %%EOF
but it don't works on such big files. So we need another way to extract them.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 04-21-2020
We have some binary files
What kind of binary file, exactly? What is the file extension?
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Old 04-21-2020
This is the IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) bfs files.
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