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Crontab commands [crontab -e/r] issues

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Old 04-12-2020
Crontab commands [crontab -e/r] issues

Hello All,

My project needs, people to work with the crontab frequently . As the letters e/r are adjacent to each other , many times
crontab -r

command was issued unintentionally instead of
crontab -e

and we end up deleting the crontab .

Is there a way, that I can make it interactive so that upon executing any

command it will ask for confirmation.

Many Thanks.
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Old 04-12-2020
You could write a script that asks and then executes /bin/crontab. Put this in the PATH before /bin (eg /usr/local/bin):

Script could be something like this as an example. You may not want to prompt if ACTION is empty, I'll leave that as a exercise for you:

function yorn
   while [ "${yn}:" = ":" ]
       printf "%s (y/n)? " "$1"
       read yn

       case $yn in
           [yY]|[Yy][Ee][Ss]) true;;
           [nN]|[nN][oO]) false;;
           *) yn="";;

while getopts reu:l arg
 case $arg in

if yorn "Are you sure you want to $ACTION"
     # They said yes so execute: /bin/crontab $@
    /bin/crontab $@
     echo "Abort"

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Old 04-13-2020
A bit more portable (ash, dash) is

And test takes -z
while [ -z "$yn" ]

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