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Old 04-08-2020
Script input from File using <

my shell script is taking inputs like

Enter Your First Name:  Me 
Enter Your Last Name:  Me
Enter Your Address: My City
Enter Your Phone Number: 394859

Hi Me, Me
You live in My City and your Phone Number is 394859

However When I run the script with input redirection using

operator, it simply reverts back to me with this

#./ <answers
Hi Me, Me
You live in My City and your Phone Number is 394859

my answers file looks like this
#cat answers
My City

Question is: When taking input from file, the interactive questions/answer is not shown and I don't see what is going on.

This is just simulation -- actual script takes a lot longer list of options
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Old 04-08-2020
Please always add info on your system, like OS and shell versions, and the (relevant part of the) script as well, to keep people from guessing.

My guess is you're using bash's read -p builtin. man bash:

-p prompt
Display prompt on standard error, without a trailing newline, before attempting to read any input. The prompt is displayed only if input is coming from a terminal.
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Old 04-08-2020
my apologies

Its a Centos-7 Box with both BASH and SH available.

I want to display the inputs as well when the input is coming from a file ( only when the input is coming from file not in interactive mode of execution of script)

#./ <answers
Please enter Your First Name: NAME
Please enter Your Last Name:  LNAME
Please enter your Address:   PASRUR
Please enter your phone number: 23456
PASRUR, 23456

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