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Problems with script that unzips multiple zipped tar files then untars the same files in C shell

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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Problems with script that unzips multiple zipped tar files then untars the same files in C shell
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Problems with script that unzips multiple zipped tar files then untars the same files in C shell

I've been trying to write a script that will search a directory for multiple tar files that are zipped, unzip them, then untar them. However my problem is that everytime I run the script it will execute the first if then statement, but it won't execute the second one. I've ran them both statements in separate scripts and they both work independently, however not when ran in the same script. Do I need to combine them in a if then elseif statement? Here's what I have so far, I appreciate any help.

set x = (`find /Documents/*.gz -print`)
set v = (`find /Documents/*.tar -print`)

if ("$x" !=  "") then
   gunzip *
   echo "No zip files found."  

if ("$v" != "") then
   foreach i ( $v )
      tar -xvf $i 
   echo "No tar files found."

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Have you considered using another shell? See:
The if keyword is case sensitive, fix If on line 5.
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My bad about the capital I on line five. That was a mistake when I typed the code for the post. My actual script didn't have this. Regarding using another shell though, I wish I could, however because of the server i'm working with, it has to be in c shell. Thank you the help though.
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Using tcsh version 6.22.01, with no matching files the script appears to be working correctly:

$ ./odensun
find: No match.
find: No match.
No zip files found.
No tar files found.

I suspect the gunzip * command is not returning control to your script. This command does look suspicious, I would have expected gunzip $v in it's place. This is trying to unzip every file and directory in the current directory.
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Thanks man, i'll give this a try.
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If you really must use csh, then try to make it more robust.
# ` ` is whitespace-separated and subject to expansion, but in list context you can "` `" that is newline-separated and no further expansion

set x = ( "`find /Documents/*.gz -print`" )
set v = ( "`find /Documents/*.tar -print`" )

# always have $var in " " (also enforces a string or 1st array member), or use $var:q or ${var:q}

if ("$x" !=  "") then
   gunzip $x:q
   echo "No zip files found."  

if ("$v" != "") then
   foreach i ( $v:q )
      tar -xvf "$i"
   echo "No tar files found."

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I appreciate the help. I tried implementing the changes you suggested, however no dice yet. I'm sure what the problem is. It's like the shell just won't recognize the second if-then statement. It keeps telling me "no tar files found" despite them being there. I'm not sure if this is because the script is running both these statements at the same time and can't recognize that the zipped files are now tar files, or if there's just a syntax problem in the code itself. I need to do more research regardless. Thanks again.

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