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Old 04-01-2020
Help needed to modify search functionality

Hi Folks -

I have the following file:
outbox/FINPLAN - Entity_692.dat
outbox/FINPLAN - Entity_694.dat
outbox/FINPLAN - Entity_695.dat
This file is exported after various steps of my data integration routine. I need to be able to dynamically download the latest logfile from this list that starts with a path of " outbox/logs/", all other entries can be ignored.

I have the following code which works if I know the name of the log:
_FDMEE_LOG="$(sort -r temp.txt | sed -n "\#${_OUTBOX_BIN}FINPLAN_# {s#.*/##; p; q}")"

I need to be able to find the latest file, regardless of the name as long as it starts with " outbox/logs/". I tried to add a wildcard to the above logic but it doesn't work. Can someone help me editing my syntax?

THe result should be : outbox/logs/FINPLAN_2201.log based on my sample data.

Thank you!

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Old 04-02-2020
how about?
grep '^outbox\/logs\/' temp.txt | tail -1

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maybe so
grep '^outbox\/logs\/' temp.txt | sort -t_ -nk2,2.4 | tail -1

grep '^outbox\/logs\/' temp.txt | sort -V | tail -1

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Old 04-02-2020
They all worked flawlessly!!! Thank you so much!
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