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VSFTPD sees old mount --bind

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VSFTPD sees old mount --bind

Hi guys,

Our company sells a product that has two servers than run in a pair--for the part I explain below the two systems run independently.

On both servers I did the following. I used the mount --bind command. to allow the FTP user to see the contents of another directory. I found an easier to way to accomplish what I wanted. Removing the mount -- bind, rysnc was used in the crontab to constantly mirror the two directories. My manger did not like that. He said I should use the user on the system to access the directory that has the files the client wants. Rysnc's were removed from the crontabs. On the second server everything works great using FTP and SFTP--client can get into the correct home directory and sees the right files.

However on the first server the client is getting into what is the /var/ftp directory. WinSCP lists the home directory properly in the header but the listing is incorrect--it shows the files of /var/ftp. However when I check the home directory on the first sever the directory listing is correct. Home directory is correct, shell is set to /bin/bash in the /etc/passwd file. Permissions are the same on both (Before they were different but I fixed that but the problem stayed.)

I am stumped. Any ideas what I should be looking for? I did not chroot anything either and like I said, the second server works fine. What would make winscp list the contents of /var/ftp?
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You need to provide full system information to get help.

Your question provides no information on your operation system, versions, etc.

We don't run a mind-reading service here, sorry.

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