Problem starting the operating system on sparc T4-1

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Old 03-14-2020
Problem starting the operating system on sparc T4-1

Hi admins a few days ago the T4-1 server was acquired, making the first start of the server making ILOM and OS configurations,but once the server was turned off and on again I cannot access the OS,tarting it with the following commands.
->start /SYS


->start /HOST/console

starting the server and giving the following results
Oct 29 13:01:38 SPARCT4-1 syslogd: going down on signal 15
USER-1@SPARCT4-1:~$ syncing file systems... done

Primary Bootstrap.

U-Boot 1.1.4

Custom AST2100 U-Boot 3.0 (Jun 18 2013 - 13:48:01) r81935

VGA buffer reserved 0x800000 bytes at 0x7800000
sptrace allocated 0x100000 bytes at 0x7700000
DRAM:  119 MB
Flash bank 0 at 10000000 has 32MB in 256 sectors (chipSize 1<<25, ratio 1, bufSz 64).
Flash bank 1 at 12000000 has 32MB in 256 sectors (chipSize 1<<25, ratio 1, bufSz 64).
Flash: 64 MB
Protecting U-Boot flash sectors; monitor_base=10040000.
H/W:   AST2200 SP Service Processor; SOC: AST2200 Rev. 02 ('A0')
ARM restart caused by: power-on
Galactic1: 0x400429c0, Galactic2: 0x0
The host is OFF(S5) (hostWantsPwr=0, powerGood=0,
      allowPwrOn=1|0, outOfReset=0, fatalError=0).
Reset straps=0x08819180, def. H-PLL=264 MHz, CPU/AHB=2:1, boot CS0# normal speed
PCI w/VGA noVBIOS;  NOR 38ns/byte;  DRAM clock is M-PLL: 264 MHz (DDR2-528)
DRAM: 128MB data - 8MB VGA, 32-bit noECC, 2 BA 10 CA, CL=4 BL=4 ap=1, 61440 us refr, DQSipv=0x2020202

FPGA Version :
Date: 2019-10-29 (Tuesday)    Time:  7:54:33
Net:   MAC1 PHY not ready faradaynic#0, faradaynic#1
Enter Diagnostics Mode ['q'uick/'n'ormal(default)/e'x'tended(manufacturing mode)] .....   0
Diagnostics Mode - NORMAL
<DIAGS> Memory Data Bus Test ... PASSED
<DIAGS> Memory Address Bus Test ... PASSED
I2C Probe Test - SP
      Bus     Device                          Address Result
      ===     ============================    ======= ======
       6                  SP FRUID (U1101)    0xA0    PASSED
       6               DS1338(RTC) (U1102)    0xD0    PASSED

<DIAGS> PHY #0 R/W Test ... PASSED
<DIAGS> PHY #0 Link Status ... FAILED
MAC1 PHY not ready <DIAGS> ETHERNET PHY #0, Internal Loopback Test ... PASSED
checking for abnormal reboots: 0.
Booting linux in 0 seconds...
Un-Protect Flash Bank # 1
Un-Protect Flash Bank # 2
flctrl: Recovery U-Boot (r80526) at 0x11040000 is valid (min. r39727).
Trying primary image...
Trying to boot package at 100a0000
Found kernel image at 100a2000
Found root image at 101f5a48
copying 0x00054040 bytes from 0x101f5a48 to 0x00800000
bootargs= root=/dev/ram  ramdisk_size=336  console=ttyS0,9600 bigphysarea=6144 ractrends.mtdblocks=env,0x20000,0x20000,realroot,0x340000,0xc40000,vbscdir,0xfa0000,0x40000,params,0x2000000,0x400000,persist,0x2400000,0x1000000,coredump,0x3400000,0xc00000,
## Booting image at 100a2000 ...
 Image Name:   Linux-
 Created:      2013-06-18  19:55:52 UTC
 Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)
 Data Size:    1391112 Bytes =  1.3 MB
 Load Address: 00008000
 Entry Point:  00008000
 Verifying Checksum ... OK
do_bootm_linux() armlinux.c:109
do_bootm_linux() armlinux.c:126 - 9
## Loading Ramdisk Image at 00800000 ...
do_bootm_linux() armlinux.c:160 - 10
 Image Name:
 Created:      2013-06-18  21:06:59 UTC
 Image Type:   ARM Linux RAMDisk Image (uncompressed)
 Data Size:    344064 Bytes = 336 kB
 Load Address: 00000000
 Entry Point:  00000000
 Verifying Checksum ... OK
NOTICE: Entering OpenBoot.
NOTICE: Fetching Guest MD from HV.
NOTICE: Starting additional cpus.
NOTICE: Initializing LDC services.
ChassisSerialNumber AK00254433
NOTICE: Probing PCI devices.
NOTICE: Finished PCI probing.

SPARC T4-1, No Keyboard
Copyright (c) 1998, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
OpenBoot 4.34.3, 15872 MB memory available, Serial #104523236.
Ethernet address 0:10:e0:3a:e5:e4, Host ID: 863ae5e4.

but it doesn't start the system
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