No content in the attached file when sending it via Mailx command on Solaris

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Old 03-13-2020
No content in the attached file when sending it via Mailx command on Solaris

Hi All,

I am trying to send a file using the Mailx command but when I receive the file I am getting an empty file. Below are the commands that I am using:
uuencode /path/ MAIL new.html >> my_attachment
/usr/bin/mailx -s "Testing" -v  emailid@com< my_attachment

I get the file in the mail but when I open it , its empty, I can see the size of the file is also mentioned around 200Kb.
I am also getting a message like this in the mail body:
begin-base64 644 wombat_2020-02-24.log.

I have tried to send txt file, html file but still getting the same issue.

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Old 03-17-2020
Is there something in the file

Just a first question, but do you know if your file from the first command actually contains anything?
You are appending to my_attachment, but that would be a first thing to look at.

As a 2nd approach, have you tried the same logic in your second line with a known text file?
Ruling out something quirky in the file you built.
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