Convert the output of a bash shell script into a text file

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Old 03-10-2020
Convert the output of a bash shell script into a text file

Hello All,

I have very simple bash script which runs in a cron and check the status of process and feeds the output of the same in text file.
I want this file to be converted into a html file.

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Old 03-10-2020
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Old 03-11-2020
Hi ... txt2html is also available in some repositories and at github ... cheers, drl
txt2html        convert plain text file to HTML (man)
Path    : /usr/bin/txt2html
Version : 2.53
Length  : 975 lines
Type    : Perl script text executable
Shebang : #!/usr/bin/perl 
Help    : probably available with -h,--help,--man
Repo    : Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid 
Home    : GitHub - resurrecting-open-source-projects/txt2html: Text to HTML converter (pm)
Modules : (for perl codes)
 strict 1.11
 Pod::Usage     1.69
 Getopt::Long   2.5
 File::Basename 2.85
 HTML::TextToHTML       2.53

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