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Split file into rows in UNIX

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Old 02-25-2020
Split file into rows in UNIX

Hi Team,
I have delimited file with 6gb of data and it is not hsve newline seperator.

Ask : I would like to split file into rows based on columns.

File.txt contains below data

Expected output:

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Old 02-25-2020
Please show attempts to complete this task. Otherwise a moderator might have you do it manually with a text editor. Also, search the site for similar or exact solutions to accomplish this task.

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Old 02-26-2020
If you use regexp you can hang the computer.
tr '-' '\n' <file | pr -3tas'-' >new_file

it takes 10 to 20 minutes
You can look at the progress.
In another window, run
progress -c pr -M

pv file | tr '-' '\n' | pr -3tas'-' >new_file

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Old 02-26-2020
We do encourage users to post their own attempts before helping.
Please in the future, show your effort, as we are not your scripting service.

Give this a shot :
awk -F"-" ' { for ( i=3;i<=NF;i+=3) print $(i-2) FS $(i-1) FS $i }' input

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Old 02-26-2020
<file tr - $'\n' | paste -sd'--\n'

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Old 02-26-2020
It prints the line occurrence of column 1 ($1). a[$1]++ fails for the first occurrence increment since the array value for that key does not exist. The ! means not true so the expression is evaluated to true. The default action for true in awk is to print the line. In other terms: if the previous value of column 1 in array "a" cannot be incremented then print the line. The line could have been written as: '{if (! a[$1]++) print $0}'
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Old 02-26-2020
Originally Posted by RudiC
<file tr - $'\n' | paste -sd'--\n'

Speed increased 5-10 times!
Originally Posted by Peasant
awk -F"-" ' { for ( i=3;i<=NF;i+=3) print $(i-2) FS $(i-1) FS $i }' input

6GB single line file completely froze the system
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