UNIX rename with Regex to remove middle string from file names

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Old 02-18-2020
UNIX rename with Regex to remove middle string from file names

Filenames look like this:

I want to change it to :


I tried with regex, but no success
rename 's\^(CMRLPCR)\d{6}\_(?:.{4})(\.)\^(CMRLPCR)\d{6}\_(\.)\' *.bum

Edited to address comments below.

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Old 02-18-2020
Hello genehunter,

Thanks for showing your efforts in form of codes.

But your all shown output sample file names CMRLPCR000020_M.bum are same. Wouldn't it overwrite the file, since all file names are same. Lets say you have renamed 1 file with code and trying the 2nd one now, now when rename command runs it will rename 2nd file and overwrite the first file since first and second file names are same.

Kindly do elaborate your question more clearly and let us know.

R. Singh

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Old 02-18-2020
Yes, sorry.. that was sloppy copy pasting.
Edited to correct it
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Old 02-18-2020
an ex.:
ls -1 | grep ".*_.*_.*.bum" | while IFS=_ read a b c ; do mv ${a}_${b}_${c} ${a}_${c} ; done

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Old 02-18-2020
Thank you for the mv solution.
Can you help doing this using rename function.
the version I have is rename from util-linux 2.23.2, which uses substring match.
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Old 02-18-2020
Hello genehunter,

This could be easily done with bash, could you please try following.
I am using parameter expansion functionality of bash here.

for file in *.bum
  echo "mv $file $first_part_of_new_file$val$second_part_of_new_file"

Above will print commands to rename the files only as follows. Once you are Happy with above's results then you coudl use actual mv command in above code and could remove echo from it.

R. Singh
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Old 02-18-2020
prename -n 's/^(CMRLPCR\d{6}).*(_[^_]*)$/\1\2/' *.bum

--- Post updated at 19:35 ---

find *.bum -prune -exec bash -c 'mv $0 ${0//_*_/_}' {} \;

--- Post updated at 19:50 ---

I removed the -prune option and, to be consistent, inserted the "echo" for debug
find *.bum -exec bash -c 'echo mv $0 ${0//_*_/_}' {} \;

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