Confused on num = fork ();

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Old 02-17-2020
Confused on num = fork ();

Assume that the write program is a program that writes 100MB of data to a new file on the servers hard drive then it quits.
(I just need an explanation, thanks!)
      int num;
      while (1>0) 
       num = fork();
        if (num > 0)
              execl(“/usr/local/bin/write”¯, “write”¯ , NULL);
              printf(“Case One\n”¯);
           else if ( num == 0) 
               printf(“Case Two\n”¯);
               printf(“Case Three\n”¯);

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Old 02-17-2020
This looks like a homework question to me, I hope you were told not to try running this program on a production system.
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