awk script to match string and print status

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Old 02-17-2020
Dear RudC,

I did that change Smilie. Dont know what small mistake i am doing. Also, tried many options..
But no luck!!!

$ awk '

/cluster state:/        {print $1, $2
                         OK[$1] = 1

/^Node/ && OK["LOTC"]   {if ($3 != "joined")    {print "LOTC cluster state is not ok"
                                                 OK["LOTC"] = 0
OK["AMF"]               {if (" UNLOCKED ENABLED " !~ " " toupper($NF) " ") {print "AMF cluster state: is not ok"
                                                                            OK["AMF"] = 0
END                     {for (o in OK) if (OK[o]) print o, " cluster state is ok"
' sample.txt
LOTC cluster
AMF cluster
AMF cluster state: is not ok
LOTC  cluster state is ok

$ cat sample.txt
LOTC cluster state:
Node safNode=SC_2_1 joined cluster | Wed Dec 5 17:03:36 2018
Node safNode=SC_2_2 joined cluster | Wed Dec 5 17:03:36 2018
Node safNode=PL_2_3 joined cluster | Wed Dec 5 17:04:34 2018

AMF cluster state:
saAmfNodeAdminState."safAmfNode=SC-1,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster": Unlocked
saAmfNodeOperState."safAmfNode=SC-1,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster": Enabled
saAmfNodeAdminState."safAmfNode=SC-2,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster": Unlocked
saAmfNodeOperState."safAmfNode=SC-1,safAmfCluster=myAmfCluster": Enabled

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Old 02-18-2020
Dear RudC,

Can you execute this code and share code with input file print. So, If i am doing any mistake will compare and fix.
As you get desired result in post#5.
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Old 02-20-2020
Executing the awk script in your post #15 with exactly the data given in that post, I get
LOTC cluster
AMF cluster
LOTC  cluster state is ok
AMF  cluster state is ok

So I presume you might have a problem with your input file, like e.g. DOS line terminators <CR> ( = \r = 0x0D = ^M) which would modify $NF beyond recognition for the comparison.
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