Connecting printer to SYSPRINTER

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Connecting printer to SYSPRINTER

Dear readers

We haven a printer problem with a UNIX system

The OS is Unix IRIX 6.5

We have connected a printer to the system. If we then make a test print everything goes well. (IP printing).

But if we make a print with the program "Origami" the print outs stay's in the system and we can see them in the printer Queue of "SYSPRINTER".

The stay in the system.

It looks like the "SYSPRINTER" is no longer linked to the "HPLJ4"

I will add 2 pictures from the printers to this message.

How can I solve this problem.

I think that i have to do something with the commandlines "LPQ"

I don't have any experience with UNIX en UNIX commandlines

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Looks like the printing is stuck, many reasons but the main one is incompatible format ( default paper size in your program...) mostly page size, after fonts, after ....

We don't know how your printer is connected, directly using serial/parallel cable or vi IP...

I have not touched an irix for more than 20 years now so I don't remember if you print using lp and have lpstat, lpadmin commands check if you do and if there look at the man pages, but if you have, that means you can use cancel/enable commands too...
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vbe is correct.

Before diving into "answer" the OP needs to inform everyone exactly how the printer is connected to the server.

Serial? Parallel? USB? Network? Hamsters?

What are you using to install the printer? CUPS?


What are you using to view the status of the printer(s)?

These are some of the basic questions SergevdH needs to address to start to solve his problem.

See also:


For example (from above ref);


CUPS currently uses PPD (PostScript Printer Description) files that describe printer capabilities and driver programs needed for each printer. The everywhere PPD is used for nearly all modern networks printers sold since about 2009. For example, the following command creates a print queue for a printer at address "":

lpadmin -p printername -E -v ipp:// -m everywhere

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  • The printer is connected to the network with IP adres
  • The Unix system is connected with the network and has IP adres
  • The unix system is connect with the Printer by the network.
  • The Unix system kan print to the printer.

  • The printer is added not with a command line but a popup window. You can see that in the image IMG_0665.jpg

so the command cups does't ring any bell.
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You cannot debug most problems with popup windows.

Most people here will help you with command line tools, since this is the premier unix and linux forum where people tend to work from the command line.

You can see that in the image IMG_0665.jpg
PS: There are no images attached to any posts in this discussion.
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We dont know what box it is but at the time many workstations had serial/parallel ports for printers and generally those ports were configured as DEFAULT in other words if you dont configure your application to use other printer queues they end to the default printer unless you have configured your network printer as the default... I suppose you mean you used the system toolchest's printer manager, you can via the same tool check the printer's Queue: launch the Printer Manager if not already running and I think you should see an option "Show Queue"
In the Printer Status panel, use the Help on managing...
Otherwise at command line try to type:
lpstat  HPLJ4

or use the man page if command exist as I am at home without a unix box nearby...
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Perhaps you can set a default printer-queue with
lpadmin -d "HPLJ4"

I think you can list the current default with
lpstat -d

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