Create bins with totals and percentage

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Dear RudiC and rdrtx1

Codes are amazing, thanks a lot

Please a small request more.

It is possible to set the minimum too. As example minimum = 0.

The the results will show something like this.

      0    0     0.0%
  0 - 2    0     0.0%
  2 - 4    0     0.0%
  4 - 6    0     0.0%
 6 -  8    0     0.0%
 8 - 10    5     6.8%
10 - 12    5     6.8%
12 - 14   13    17.8%
14 - 16    0     0.0%
16 - 18   23    31.5%
18 - 20   19    26.0%
   > 20    8    11.0%
Total:    73

Last edited by jiam912; 02-14-2020 at 12:11 AM..
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Dear rdrtx1 , I have updated my post with correct values and requirements.. Thanks a lot for the code.

--- Post updated at 12:51 AM ---

Dear vgersh99, I have updated my output file as it was wrong values. sorry for the confusion..
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Originally Posted by jiam912
Please a small request more.

It is possible to set the minimum too. As example minimum = 0.
I think your small request more can easily be satisfied along the lines shown by rdrtx1 and me...
This User Gave Thanks to RudiC For This Post:
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Dear RudiC.. Thanks a lot code is great.. I will post a new one similar
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